Portland Senior Boxing BootcampPortlandCityBoxing offers a wide variety of boxing services that are customized to fit your personal fitness goals. Looking for a complete boxing support system and boxing training plan? Then sign up now for a One on One Boxing Training Session and Boxing Boot Camp Class. In these programs, you will receive an individualized workout plan made for your goals, fitness level, workout style, and schedule. The instructors will work with you to create a plan you can stick with to help insure consistency, and success in your efforts.

Working with a personal boxing trainer is the safest and most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Portland City Boxing offers a training program that is stimulating not only the body, but the mind also. It is fun, different, and more unique than any other exercise program. Training like a Boxer is better than other workouts because it is more interesting, stimulating and more complete than other programs that are available. The different exercises create aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, flexibility, strength, balance, and hand eye coordination. You will learn positioning of the body, how to strike properly, and very importantly, how to defend properly.


Portland Boxing Bootcamp1st - Speed bag: This which will teach you positioning, speed, hand technique, arm movement, and hand and eye coordination. As you progress and get increasingly better, it will become your most enjoyable exercise in the program.

2nd - Heavy bags: Here you will learn positioning and how to strike and defend properly. With this exercise you will not only get an aerobic but also an anaerobic workout. It will stimulate all body parts while increasing muscle and tendon strength.

3rd - Double bag: This is a small ball strung from the ceiling to the floor with a stretch band. During this exercise you will learn how to hit and dodge a fast moving object and how to move your feet.


4th - Course Work: You will learn how to move, duck, and slip while navigating the different boxing drills. This is great for learning proper foot movement and how to defend and move away from being struck.

5th - Striking pads: You will learn how to bring all the movements together. You will be moving, striking and defending as we guide you through all of the movements. This activity will be the closest exercise to actually boxing with another person. Portland Senior Boxing Bootcamp

Other exercises that a boxer uses in the workout is jumping rope, sit ups, pushups, shadow boxing, kettle bells, bands, and weight training..

Overall boxing is an efficient fun and complete body workout. There can be workouts with multiple people but learning the basic techniques before having success in a multiple person or boot camp setting is recommended. It is important that the instructor is knowledgeable and  experienced not only in the sport, but in training as well. To achieve maximum results, the trainer must know how to work with different personalities and all levels of physical capabilities. Our Boxing Trainers have the ability to motivate and push you through barriers, while avoiding injury.

Whether you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, reduce stress or increase your strength and flexibility, we can help. Our boxing professionals will provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need to achieve the results you desire!

By carefully analyzing your personal goals, exercise history and fitness assessments, we will design a boxing exercise program that is safe, effective and specifically tailored to your individual needs. You will see results and so will others - guaranteed!

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