Boxing Conditioning

Portland 30 Boxing Workout

Boxing is a great way to keep your workouts fun and interesting. This workout is designed for individuals that have never boxed before or have limited experience.. With private instuction you will learn correct technique before bad habits are built.

If your tentative list includes getting in shape, having a great workout experience, and developing self confidence, the instructors will be waiting to help wrap your hands for an hour-long boxing lesson. As you rotate through various stations and complete a series of drills and exercises, you will receive hands-on instruction from the club's experienced professionals. 

Each and every program is created for YOU! We tailor each boxing program based on the need and/or experience of the individual. Our programs are structured, but have plenty of variety so your body and mind stay stimulated.

Portland Senior Boxing Bootcamp

You will use your entire body to burn fat, strengthen your core, and increase your endurance and flexibility!

No specific boxing experience is necessary. The workout is structured to accommodate true beginners as well as more advanced participants.

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