Boxing For Begginers

boxing for begginersBoxing is not a skill; it is a collection of skills. Beginners have to prioritize. The way to get good enough to easily beat untrained fighters is to focus on a few basic tactics.

One: Learn the straight punches

Occasionally you'll see an untrained fighter throwing jabs, but usually they just swing away with wild punches. Straight punches have more range than wild punches. Your straight punches will land on unskilled, punchers, and they won't be able to hit you back with wild punches.

Start by learning the jab. It will serve you well in most street self-defense situations. Work on it every day; the front of your shoulder will feel sore, but that's the price you have to pay to get better.

While you're learning the jab, make sure to work on the straight right hand (or left hand, if you're a lefty). This is your power punch. When you learn it, you'll be more dangerous than 90% of the untrained guys who might start trouble with you.

Once you are good at the jab and the straight right, create a few boxing combinations and practice them until you can do them without thinking. Combinations are carefully crafted groups of punches that flow naturally out of one another; the more you know about boxing, the better you become at developing punching combinations that suit your personal style.

The famous 1-2 combination a lead jab followed by a straight right hand is probably the most effective fighting move ever developed, so make sure you practice until it becomes second nature. Later, work on the double jab/right hand combination. It's all you need to beat most bullies.

Remember what I said about prioritizing during training? Save the hook punches and uppercuts for later. If you're great at straight punches, you're just throwing away your skill advantage when you resort to short-range punches like hooks and uppercuts.

Two: Practice footwork

Footwork doesn't mean dancing around like Bugs Bunny when he fought the Champ. Instead, it means moving in any direction while maintaining your boxing stance.

Without footwork, your legs get crossed up and you lose your balance. When this happens against an unskilled fighter, it means you won't be able to hit him hard enough to hurt him. If it happens against a skilled boxer, you're done.

Learn to move forward and back while jabbing. Later, learn to shift to either side. When you can sidestep an onrushing opponent, you'll beat him easily.

With a bit of footwork, you'll be unhittable. Even better, you'll be able to hit with power while maintaining your defensive boxing stance. Guys will be forced to (try to) grab you because they won't have a chance of punching you before you tattoo them with your combinations.

Three: Get in shape

It takes hard work to develop basic boxing skills. If you're out of shape, you won't get very good. But when you work on your boxing fitness, good things happen.

Shadow boxing will get your shoulders in shape. You'll be able to train longer and harder before fatigue sets in. Core training gives you increased punching power and lets you take a harder punch (if it comes to that). Obviously, you want to work your abs, but don't forget the lower back too.

Good footwork means staying on your toes. Get your legs in shape and your training sessions will be more productive

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